Neufchatel Cheese 23kg

Neufchatel cheese 23kg

Neufchatel Cheese is a soft, white, creamy cheese made from quality ingredients in Australia. The taste and textures of this cheese make them great for breads, dips and sauces.

Available in : 23Kg Pack

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French Neufchâtel is an AOC — that is, name protected — unripened cheesemade with cow milk, and if left to ripen, it will develop a soft, bloomy rind, like brie or camembert. … Another point to note:Neufchâtel in France is made with raw milk, while Neufchâtel in Australia gets pasteurized

Neufchatel cheese is often used in sauces, fillings, dips, omelettes, salads, pastries, spreads, desserts, breads.

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Neufchâtel (pronunciation: nøʃatɛl) is a soft, slightly crumbly, mold-ripened cheese made in the Neufchâtel-en-Bray, French region of Normandy. One of the oldest kinds of cheese in France, its production is believed to date back to the 6th century. It looks similar to Camembert, with a dry, white, edible rind, but the taste is saltier and sharper. It has the aroma and taste of mushrooms. Unlike other soft-white-rinded cheeses, Neufchâtel has a grainy texture.[1] It is most usually sold in heart shapes but is also produced in other forms, such as logs and boxes. It is typically matured for 8–10 week . Wikipedia Link for more info

Is there a difference between Neufchatel cheese and cream cheese?

American Cream Cheese and American Neufchâtel can be used interchangeably! Both are dense, tangy and spreadable. The biggest difference between the two:the Neufchâtel is made using milk exclusively (23% milkfat), and, cream cheese is made with milk and cream (33% milk fat).