15% sugared yolk

Frozen Pasteurised 15Sugared Egg Yolk.
Ingredients: Egg Yolks and Sugar

  • Our Sugared Egg Yolk contains pasteurised egg yolk with 15% added sucrose.
  • A free range option is available on request.
  • Our Sugared Yolks are eggcellent in both flavour and performance.
  • They are ultra easy to pour, eliminating the hassle of non-sugared yolk products. And, while they’ll improve richness, structure and texture, they won’t alter the sweetness profile of your favourite dishes.
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Ideal product to bind, emulsify and thicken ice cream, fruit butter, liquor and sweet pastries.

Our Sugared Egg Yolks are made by  separating yolks from  quality farm fresh eggs then blending it with 15% by weight pure sugar, the mixture is then pasteurised and blast frozen



Storage: The product should be maintained at -18o C. Once thawed, the product should be refrigerated between 0o C and 4o C.

Shelf Life: 1 year shelf life from date of manufacture if stored as recommended. Once thawed store as recommended and use within 72 hours