Egg White Fresh

Egg White Fresh

A mixture of egg whites separated from quality farm fresh eggs and vegetable gum blended together, pasteurised and chilled. Our Pasteurised Egg White is free from added salt, preservatives, additives, colours or flavours. Free range is available on request.

Also available with our free range eggs.


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Liquid egg white is suitable for all recipes requiring egg whites for their aerating, whipping and foaming properties e.g. pavlovas, meringues, confectionery and nougats. Fresh Egg White is perfect for use as a glaze for pastry and biscuits, and it’s a superior binding agent for small goods and fish.

Natural Supplement
Our fresh egg whites are the ultimate natural supplement. Ready to use in smoothies, health shakes, omelettes, protein pancakes or wherever fresh egg whites are required.

Please note: this product is not recommended for whipping.

1kg of Egg White Mix when thawed is approximately equivalent to the egg whites separated from 30 medium eggs

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Chilled Liquid
Storage: 1°C to 4°C.
Shelf Life: 19 days unopened from date of manufacture.

Storage: -18°C.
Shelf Life: two years from manufacture.