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Our Pasteurised Fresh Egg Yolk contains no added salt, preservatives, additives, colours or flavours. A free range option is available on request.

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Ideal for recipes where the emulsification properties of egg yolk are required e.g. mayonnaise, ice cream, hollandaise sauce and custards. It can also be used as a thickening agent in sweet or savoury sauces.

Where is it used ?

Can be used in making sweet dough, cake mixes, egg noodles, ice cream, etc. Egg Yolk  is often used In  Rich American-Pistachio Aioli  and Tastes Great With Seafood, Japanese (Kewpie-Style) Mayo & Aïoli

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Storage: 1°C to – 4°C.
Shelf Life: 13 days unopened from date of manufacture.

Storage: -18°C.
Shelf Life: two years from date of manufacture.