Whole Egg Pulp Frozen

Whole Egg Pulp Frozen

Frozen liquid whole egg removed from the shell of the domestic hen, blended, pasteurised and blast frozen. Frozen pasteurised whole egg ensures the yolk and whites are in naturally occurring proportions from quality fresh eggs.

Also available with free range eggs

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For use in all recipes requiring whole egg for it’s binding, coagulating or foaming properties. Use in cakes and sponges, scrambled eggs, quiches, omelettes, biscuits, custards and more. Suitable for food manufacturers and processors, bakeries, hospitals and restaurants

One kilogram of frozen pasteurised whole egg when thawed is approximately equivalent to 20 medium sized eggs.

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Storage: The product should be maintained at -18° C. Once thawed, the product should be refrigerated between 0° C and 4°C.

Shelf Life: 1 year shelf life from date of manufacture if stored as recommended. Once thawed store as recommended and use within 72 hours